McEachern Academic Support Program (MASP)

McEachern High School is offering an after-school tutoring program called McEachern Academic Support Program (MASP).   MASP is designed to assist those students that may benefit from extra academic support in the areas determined by their classroom teacher(s).


If you are struggling in a particular class, please contact the teacher for any information you may need to foster greater success.  We are aware that students learn in different ways, however, so tutoring can be vital to the education process and student success.  The opportunity to attend tutoring sessions allows students to receive extra help in a different environment, and it may also allow the tutor to addresses particular learning styles.


MASP is held 2 days a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00-5:00 p.m.  It is important that your child report on time to MASP on the designated day(s) to receive the needed support; therefore, your child must arrive at the location indicated by 4:00 p.m. and stay the entire time in order to be eligible to attend the session. Please also make sure that the relevant teachers are notified so that any support they may provide will be available.    


We do not provide transportation, so it is important that you pick your child up at the flagpole no later than 15 minutes after leaving the tutoring session.  Any student removed from the tutoring session for inappropriate behavior must meet with Ms. Rich to discuss next steps before returning to tutoring. 


The established tutoring schedule is listed below for your information.  

Department Tutoring Plan
Math Tuesday- Algebra 1                                 Room FC104
  Tuesday – Algebra II & Calculus           Room J105
  Thursday- Pre-Calculus & AMDM        Room J109
  Thursday – Geometry                            Room C106
English Each teacher will take care of their tutoring
World Languages Tuesday-Spanish                                     BT100
  Thursday- French                                    BT100
Science Each teacher will take care of their tutoring
Social Studies Tuesday and Thursday                           BT105

 “Always Reach For Success”