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12th College Acceptance List
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“Counselors committed to helping students maximize their potential”



The mission of the McEachern High School Counseling Department is to provide ALL students with a comprehensive school-counseling program that addresses academic, career and personal/social development. McEachern High School counselors, in collaboration with our stakeholders, are committed to meeting the unique and diverse needs of students through curriculum that maximizes their potential while addressing self-worth, creativity, innovation, collaboration, digital literacy, fluid learning, and global interconnectedness.



•  Watch the video first, then contact Ms. Adams at 770-222-3710*270  or e-mail her at to schedule a new student enrollment appointment.  

•  To schedule an appointment for the 2015 -2016 school year, click here.


 Transcript Requests

  • For most colleges and universities in Georgia, please visit: to request a transcript.
  • For all other schools, request a final transcript through the counseling office. Transcripts cost $2 each (cash and exact currency only).


Counseling Department Services

Each counselor works with students in grades 9 through 12 and is responsible for a specific range of the alphabet. The alphabet breakdown and counselor contact information can be found on the McEachern web page (

In order to be most effective, school counselors see each student on an appointment basis. Students can make appointments by visiting the School Counseling office located in the Business Technology Building. Parents are encouraged to make appointments by calling or e-mailing their student’s counselor.


The McEachern Counselors:

  • are available to help with personal/social, academic, and career counseling.
  • assist students in planning for success while in high school and beyond.
  • maintain a collection of current information in the career center which include, but is not limited to: college catalogs and applications; financial aide information; scholarship opportunities; military and civilian career outlook materials;
  • conduct workshops and seminars on subjects including but not limited to:  PSAT preparation and reading score reports, financial aid sources, registration materials, etc.


Who is My School Counselor?
Telephone: 770-222-3710 / Fax: 770-222-3739
Grades 9-12
Alphabet Assignment
Phone Ext.

Diploma Re-Orders

If you are a  prior graduate who would like to order a copy of your diploma, instructions for doing so are now included on the district website. Please visit and click on the “Obtaining a Copy of Your Diploma” link on the left side of the page.


Parent and Student Resources:

Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Opportunities

Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit courses provide opportunities for Georgia high school students to take college-level courses and earn concurrent credit toward a high school diploma and a college degree.  Students and parents should always contact the college or university of he or she is interested in attending to learn about the school’s admission requirements for high school students.

There will be two local opportunities to learn more about programs such as Move On When Ready, ACCEL, Dual Enrollment and Joint Enrollment.  The College Credit Now Summit is an upcoming parent student presentations that will help students and parents  decide if attending college as a high school student is the right opportunity.

Scholarship Information:

Scholarship Gateway 
Ron Brown Scholar Program  SAT & ACT School Code 112435 

GPA Calculation Help

There are many ways you may need to calculate your GPA.  Your McEachern/Cobb County transcript shows your overall weighted GPA, but oftentimes, colleges use different formulas than McEachern does for calculating a student’s GPA for admission purposes. You may need to e-mail or contact the admission office of the colleges you are considering to find out exactly how they determine the GPA for admission to their college. 

The HOPE Scholarship definitely uses a different GPA calculation than McEachern/Cobb County GPA on your transcript to determine a students eligibility for the HOPE Scholarship has a link to your HOPE GPA Calculation. You will need to log in to your gacollege411 account to access it. See your counseling office if you need help logging in.

The attachment below will describe in detail how to calculate your Core weighted and non-weighted GPA so you have the information you need when it comes to college admissions. The Excel spread sheet below will help you calculate your core GPA with or without weighting by just plugging in the number of A’s, B’s, C’s etc. and any bonus quality points taken for honors and AP courses (if applicable).

College and Career Visitation Calendar: 2013 Calendar