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AP World History


Final Exam schedule and AP exemption
- May 15th 2014

If you took the AP exam on May 15, you MAY exempt the final.  YOU MAY ALSO TAKE THE FINAL, AND I WILL ONLY COUNT IT IF IT DOES NOT BRING YOUR AVG. GRADE DOWN!  If you did not take the May 15 AP test, you must take the final.  Final exam schedule:

Mon May 19 1st and 2nd block even classes
Tues May 20 1st and 2nd block odd classes

AP Review Sites!
- May 2nd 2014

CPU Lab Wed 4/9 or Thur 4/10
- Apr 8th 2014

History Nerd Joke Below!

1. Go to the Stearns textbook link.  Complete the Ch. 36 Globalization and Resistance multiple choice - show me when you have 5/5 (raise hand and show me, print, or email).

2.  On the same link, go to the Ch. 36 Wed Explorations activity.  Complete and submit to me via paper copy, email, or raise hand and show me.

3. Use the wikispace below to work on the Unit 6 curriculum framework answers (due next class).  If this is complete, you may also work on the Unit 6 map quiz and/or Unit 6 vocab. cards.

HOMEWORK: Ch. 36 reading (globalization and resistance) due next class.  Unit 6 curriculum framework answers due by end of next class.

Mac CPU Lab Day Wed 4/9 or Thur 4/10
- Apr 8th 2014

1. History Nerd Joke of the Day: 

WWI and II alternate assessments
- Mar 19th 2014

ALTERNATE ASSESSMENT: If World War One and/or Two Was a Bar
Fight...explain each reference, "blow by blow," with the year for each.
May replace Ch. 28 (WW I) and/or Ch. 30 (WW II) quiz grade(s). See
links for the websites.

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Mr. Cottingham

Class Documents
Class Links

Textbook website link (outlines, practice questions, flashcards, etc):,8810,1189431-,00.html

Map Games:

Excellent chapter outlines for the textbook on this site!

Music video reviews of world history!

Or enter "historyteachers" search on Youtube.

 AP Exam review site:

click on "sophomore" and then "AP World" Nice timed quizzes!


This is just too cool for words - use mceachernhs for user name, indians for password:

World Map cartograms:

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