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AP World History


CPU Lab Activities for Fri 1/23 or Mon 1/26
- Jan 22nd 2015

See the File "CPU Lab Activities for WHAP class 1.23.15 or 1.26.15" under Files. on left.

Unit 4 Test
- Jan 21st 2015

The Unit 4 Test (1450-1750) will be Tues 1/27 (odd) or Wed. 1/28 (even).  50 MC and 1 CCOT essay.

Final review session in FC 204 Tues. morning 7:45.

CPU Lab Activities for Mon 11/17 and Tues 11/18
- Nov 14th 2014

Instructions posted udenr Files "CPU Lab Activities"!

CPU Lab Activities for Fri 10/31 or Mon 11/3
- Oct 30th 2014

Fri 10/31 (Odd) in Mac 119
Mon 11/3 (Even) in FC 212

1. Download the File Ch. 12c Quiz.  Email me your answers (1-10, A-D) answers (work individually, using your notes).  Email to:

. From the handout, complete the China Song Empire handout, using the given websites.

3. Migrations - the 2nd page of the handout has info on 3 migratory groups - Polynesian, Bantu, and Viking. Write or type a Comparison Essay comparing the migrations of TWO of the groups (Rule of 3, 5 paragraphs) DUE: Nov. 7 (Odd) or Nov. 10 (Even).

Homework: Ch. 13 reading (Japan, Korea, Vietnam) due Nov. 5 (Odd) or Nov. 6 (Even).

CPU Lab Test Review
- Sep 12th 2014

Friday 9/12/14 OR Mon 9/22/14
1st p. FC 208 1st p. FC 212
2nd p. BT 101 3rd p. Mac 119

1. Go to Files: Comparative Essay Game Plan. Discussion.
2. Files: Comp Essay Questions 2002-2012. Alternate Assessment Opportunity.
3. Link:
2010 Exam Q3; read and score sample response Q3.
4. Link: Curriculum Framework wikispace. Click on Classical Period. Explore! Crash Course videos, podcasts, links, pdf downloads.
5. Practice Questions: Link: AP Practice Questions.  Up to 600 CE Pod (25)
5. Choice: online map quiz, vocab cards, extra-credit from trade game last class, alternate credit essay, unit 2 mental map.

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Mr. Cottingham

Class Documents
Class Links

Textbook website link (outlines, practice questions, flashcards, etc):,8810,1189431-,00.html

Map Games:

Excellent chapter outlines for the textbook on this site!

Music video reviews of world history!

Or enter "historyteachers" search on Youtube.

 AP Exam review site:

click on "sophomore" and then "AP World" Nice timed quizzes!


This is just too cool for words - use mceachernhs for user name, indians for password:

World Map cartograms:

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